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Mazda B2200 Carburetors

In combustion engines that existed before fuel injection, carburetors are one of the most important components. They regulate the flow of air to the engine and the resulting ratio of oxygen to fuel. When you're shopping for a replacement carburetors for your Mazda truck, it's important to know how they work and their role in the larger automotive process happening under the hood.

How do carburetors work inside of the Mazda B2200 engine?

In many older cars, the process of creating power comes from the pumping of various pistons, often called cylinders. These pistons push down into the engine and pressurize the mixture of fuel and air inside. When the mixture's ratio is correct, the pressure ignites the gases, and the resulting expansion pushes the cylinder back upwards. If the ratio of air to fuel isn't right, then the car can burn an excessive amount of gasoline and become less efficient. This makes it extremely important that the carburetors in the Mazda are working properly, otherwise the vehicle can be damaged.

What are the main parts of the Mazda carburetors?
  • Venturi: A jointed segment of pipe with a narrow portion in the middle, decreasing the pressure of the air flowing through and increasing the speed. As the pressure decreases, it is pulled by suction into the fuel pipe. The venturi has a valve on either side, with one on top and one on bottom.
  • Choke: One of two valves and the one above the venturi. The choke can be opened and closed to regulate the mixture of air and fuel. When the choke is closed, less oxygen enters the system, and the carb creates a fuel-rich mixture to compensate. Although this sometimes wastes fuel, it can be helpful in warming up an engine quickly.
  • Throttle: The other of the two valves and the one below the venturi. When the throttle is opened, air flows quickly through the carb and pulls a greater amount of fuel with it, which causes the vehicle to accelerate. The throttle is extremely important to the vehicle as a whole and is usually linked to the truck's gas pedal.
  • Float-feed chamber: The float-feed chamber is one of the more complex pieces in this component. As the amount of fuel in the chamber decreases, the float inside drops. As the float drops towards the bottom of the chamber, it automatically opens another valve, pulling in fuel. As the fuel once again fills the chamber, the float raises, and the valve closes to start the process over again.