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Hub Caps for Mercedes-Benz

Hub caps provide aesthetics and protection for your Mercedes-Benz. While they're not critical to functionality, they play a vital role. Exploring the various options you have for these center caps will ensure you find what you need.

What role do hub caps play?

Hub caps, also called wheel center caps because of their position, decorate the center of the wheel. A wheel cover, which covers the entire wheel, is different than a wheel center cap. There may be an emblem or a silver design on the caps, too. This allows you to choose a design that gives your Mercedes-Benz the look you want. The caps are also there to provide protection to the bolts that keep the wheel on the axle. Without this protection, the bolts could easily rust, making them difficult to remove when changing the tire.

How do you put on hub caps?

The wheel center caps are relatively simple to install. The process will differ slightly depending on the model. Most center caps will simply snap into place. There are small prongs that grasp the rim to hold it into place. Other models might need to be screwed on.

What are Mercedes-Benz hub caps made of?

Wheel center caps for a Mercedes-Benz can be made of various materials. Some of them include:

  • Carbon fiber
  • Aluminum
  • Steel alloy
  • Plastic

Center caps can also have a variety of finishes to them, as well. Some of these include Mirrored chrome, silver, and matte finishes. Some are also painted in a variety of colors.

What does OEM mean?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. There are some manufacturers that make center caps and other parts specifically for Mercedes-Benz. As such, they are branded as Mercedes-Benz as opposed to their own company name. They are the parts used by the factory and at dealerships. The alternative to OEM is aftermarket, which includes all other brands on the market. Many brands, regardless of being OEM, make center caps that will fit your Mercedes-Benz.

How do you choose Mercedes-Benz hub caps?

There are a few details that you should review to ensure you find the wheel center caps that will meet your vehicle's needs. Some of these include:

  • Model year and trim level: Details about your Mercedes-Benz will ensure you get caps that fit.
  • Wheel design: If you have upgraded your wheel from stock, the sizing and spoke design will impact the cap.
  • Design: Determine what kind of design you want on the center caps, such as an emblem or a decal.
  • OEM or aftermarket: Decide if you want a genuine Mercedes-Benz part or one from another manufacturer.