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Common Questions About Universal Power Antennas

If you enjoy listening to music on the radio on your daily commute or on long road trips in your car, a universal power antenna might be just what you need for better radio reception on both AM and FM bands. eBay is a great place to find the right antenna for your vehicle. When you shop eBay, the dynamic search utility allows you to narrow your options so that you can quickly find what you need and at the right price. 

What's a universal power antenna? 

Universal power antennas are motorized automotive radio antennas that raise and lower manually with a switch mounted on the dash or automatically when you turn the radio on or off. Some automatic versions will also lower when the vehicle's engine is turned off. These antennas withdraw completely below the surface where they're mounted for convenience. 

What are the key features of universal power antennas? 

These antennas offer great convenience and have features like the following:  

  • Durability: Most antennas are crafted from strong stainless steel. Most antennas fully withdraw below the surface when not in use to keep the antenna from bending, snapping, or being damaged when going through a car wash. They can be retracted in windy or otherwise poor weather conditions.
  • High performance: The antennas provide good reception for AM/FM bands when in an acceptable range. Many are designed to reduce signal noise for a better listening experience.
  • Waterproof: The antennas are treated to be waterproof so that they can be used in wet, rainy conditions and still provide you with a good listening experience.
  • Easy installation: Universal power antennas are very easy to install and easy to use without any prior experience.

Will the antenna work with your vehicle? 

Before selecting a power antenna, do your homework to make sure it will work with your individual vehicle. Most cars and trucks work with most any antenna, but there are some exceptions. Some vehicles will only work with particular brands and types of antennas. A little research can save you from having to return an item that it turns out you can't use.

How can you tell your automotive antenna has gone bad? 

In some situations, it's obvious that you need a new antenna. If your antenna has snapped off or is broken beyond repair, it's time to get a new one. In other cases, it's not so obvious. If you've been having trouble getting good radio reception for a while, first double-check your antenna connectors to ensure they are secure. If they seem to be as they should be, check the antenna itself for any damage that's not immediately visible, rust, and other imperfections. If you're unable to find damage, on your next road trip, see if you can pick up stations in a new location. If you can, the problem may lie with the stations you typically listen to in your area. If you've ruled out most everything else, it might be time for a new antenna.