What are the different types of car trailers?What types of trailer hitch do car trailers use?What are car trailers used for?

Enhance Your Shipping Ability With a Car Trailer

Whether you run a shipping business or are a car collecting hobbyist, a car hauler is an excellent solution for your vehicle shipping needs. Car trailers for sale on eBay come in several different forms for all types of uses, allowing for safe transport of any automobile without increasing its wear and tear.

  • Open-Air Car Trailers: These are the simplest form of car trailer and are available in a variety of lengths to hold one or two cars. Open-air car trailers are comprised of a flat platform, four trailer wheels, and the requisite hitches and lighting. An open-air car trailer prevents your vehicle from experiencing the wear and tear of being towed directly on the roadway but does leave it exposed to the elements.
  • Enclosed Car Trailers: An enclosed car trailer is functionally similar to an open-air car hauler but is fully enclosed. This isolates your car from the elements and allows for it to be delivered in the same condition in which it was loaded. Depending on the model, these may be available with heating and/or air conditioning to allow for a fully climate-controlled interior to protect your car.

Car trailers are available to accommodate a variety of different hitches. Car trailers that are designed to haul a single vehicle will typically use a standard Class III receiver hitch that is found on most SUVs and pickup trucks. Larger trailers may use the gooseneck style of trailer hitch that is typically found in full-sized pickups. Because the gooseneck hitch requires an open pickup bed to mount, they cannot be attached to as wide a variety of vehicles as standard Class III trailers. However, gooseneck trailers add a greater level of stability and peace of mind when driving and allow for easier maneuvering of long vehicles. Depending on the specific model, these trailers can potentially accommodate five or six different vehicles.

Car trailers are primarily used for hauling cars. However, enclosed car trailers can be used to haul just about anything and are great for moving, furniture shipping, car part shipping, and nearly any other function for which an enclosed trailer would be appropriate.

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