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Car Alarms & Security in Motors

When it comes to car security, you can never be too careful. A stolen vehicle is often difficult to track down and recover, especially if you do not have an alarm system keeping it secure. When you want to increase your security, you should choose a car alarm that keeps your vehicle safe and gives you peace of mind.

How do car alarms work?

Car security systems use an array of sensors, including pressure sensors and motion detectors, that are connected to a siren. When a person attempts to open the car door, the sensors turn the siren on, creating the alarm sound. More advanced car alarm systems may even include a computer that activates the alarm devices, which may include the headlights, a siren, the car's horn, and an alert to your smartphone. Some alarms have their own battery power while others hook into your car's battery.

What types of car alarms are there?

There are five main types of car alarms that can help keep your vehicle safe and secure:

  • Passive security systems - These car security systems activate whenever the driver locks the vehicle. This system is either on or off and there is no way to activate certain features and leave other features off.
  • Active car alarms - These security systems must be turned on by the driver of the vehicle. This option also gives you more access to different features that you can have control over.
  • Remote start car alarms - These alarms allow you to keep your car secure when it has been started remotely. Usually, these security systems keep the doors locked until the owner reaches it with the key.
  • Silent car alarms - When these security alarms are tripped, it sends a message to the owner.
  • Two-way paging security systems - These security alarms communicate their status to a fob on the driver's key ring. These fobs often have an easy-to-read LCD screen that makes monitoring your car quick and easy.
What features should you consider when looking for car alarms?

Some security systems have additional features that can make your car even more secure:

  • GPS - If a vehicle is actually stolen, some alarm systems activate GPS. This makes it easier for authorities to locate the car.
  • Alarm type - Silent systems do not make any noise when a break-in is attempted. This can lower their effectiveness. On the other end of the spectrum, other protection systems cause the headlights to flash, the horn to honk, and a loud siren to sound.
  • Remote control - Some car security alarms have a remote that can be used to turn the system on and off. However, this feature is also useful if you cannot find your car in a crowded parking lot.
  • Backup systems - If the car is parked out of hearing range, a backup car security alarm can call or page an owner when a break-in is attempted.