Caps & Hats

Motorcycle Hats & Caps

You dont have to ride a Harley to enjoy wearing motorcycle hats and caps. Show off your favorite brand with Fox Racing or Alpinestars hats. With so many on the market sometimes its hard to pick just one. Technically there are only three things you need to decide on before you make your purchase—style, design, and color. Hat days happen to everyone, men, women, boys and girls so why not make a statement and wear something that shows your love of the bike.

Ball Caps

Its not just for baseball teams. One of the most popular styles is the ball cap. The bill on this type of biker hat keeps the sun off your face but does have the disadvantage of flying off your head while riding your bike if you are not careful. However, most riders turn the ball cap style hat backward while riding to keep it securely on their head.

Bandana Style

A bandana worn on the head is often referred to as a Do Rag. Zan Headgear offers a wide assortment of this type of headwear for you to pick from so you are sure to find exactly what you want. Bandana style is an excellent way to keep the sun off your head, and for women, its a great way to keep your hair from flying all over the place while riding. A leather skull cap is similar to a banana style headgear; it lays directly on your head to protect you from the weather.

Cover Your Face

On cold, wet days the wind hitting your face as you fly over the road can be quite uncomfortable, and if you add rain to the mix, it really stings. You can protect your face with a motorcycle mask. Of course, it doesnt have to be cold to wear a mask; many riders like to keep the wind, sun, and bugs off their face.

Material Matters

What the hat is made of matters. The most common materials used on motorcycle hats are acrylic, cotton, fleece and leather. Of the four, cotton is the most popular. The reason cotton is the favorite for most is its ability to be cleaned. You can wash a cotton hat and keep it looking like new at all times.