Camping Furniture

Camping Tables and Chairs

Providing you with great quality seating and handy tables, camping tables and chairs are compact and easy to store. There are a wide variety of different types of camping furniture available to suit a range of uses.

Choosing the right chairs and tables for you

Camping table and chairs are compact in size when folded down. This set is well suited for camping and caravanning as the chairs and tables are easy to transport and store, without the items taking up too much space.

There are a wide selection of different sizes available to ensure that you can find a camping table or chair to suit all of your requirements. Single seater camping chairs are perfect for providing a comfortable place to sit and enjoy the outdoors. However, there are also camping bench style seats available, which are perfect for larger groups.

Camping tables come in a range of sizes and can provide you with a handy table when out camping. Adjustable legs make it easy to set up your table on a selection of different terrains.

Details of your camping furniture

Padded camping chairs feature basic fabric coverings or even hard durable plastics, which can be accessorised with garden and patio cushions . Additional features such as padded armrests, recliners and drink holders are also available for those who want to lounge in comfort. A range of different colors is available to suit your style.

Built to last and easy to maintain

Camping tables and chairs are designed to be highly durable and able to withstand the elements. Camping tables are easy to wipe clean or wash with general household products. Padded camping chairs often feature removable covers to make them easy to clean and store.

Whether you are looking a comfortable chair for yourself, or a fully folding picnic bench for the whole family, there is a large selection of camping tables and chairs to choose from.