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Finding the Right Callaway Left-Handed Set of Golf Clubs

If you're a left-handed golfer, it might feel like the greens were set up for right-handed players, but Callaway makes golf sets for lefties. Shop eBay to find your next Callaway left-handed set of golf clubs.

What's the difference between left-handed and right-handed golf clubs?

The grips and shafts of almost all golf clubs are identical regardless of whether they're made for right-handed or left-handed players. The major difference lies in the direction that the club head is facing. The one exception to this general rule is with putters because some putters have an angle in the shaft.

How to choose a set of left-handed golf clubs

Many left-handed players have difficulty finding the right set of golf clubs because most pro shops carry mostly right-handed clubs to accommodate for the fact that most players are right-handed. If you want to decide which kinds of clubs will fit your swing, it's a good idea to have your swing analyzed.

What models of golf clubs does Callaway make?

Callaway makes several series of golf clubs for left-handed players. Some of these include the following:

  • X Series
  • Steelhead
  • Big Bertha
  • RAZR X
  • Apex
What should you look for when purchasing Callaway golf clubs?

When selecting a set of golf clubs, first determine your skill level, height, hand preference, and swing speed. You'll also need to choose either women's or men's clubs. Choose a set that matches your skill level because more skilled players often use a wider range of clubs. If you're new to the sport but plan on spending time improving your putting, you might choose a golf set that has a wider range of irons and woods. You also need to know your swing speed to know how much flex should be in the shaft. There is usually more flex in the shaft of women's clubs and for players with slower swing speed to optimize the swing.

Your height matters for two reasons. The club length needs to fit comfortably without you needing to choke up on the grip or bend over to reach the greens. The length of the club can also affect the arch of the ball.

What comes in most sets of Callaway golf clubs?

Most sets of clubs have between eight and 18 clubs. All sets will have at least one driver, one putter, one wedge, a few irons, and a couple of woods. Callaway left-handed sets also come in a golf bag that is usually made of nylon, canvas, or metal and will often have a set of wheels on it.

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