Cake & Cupcake Stands

Cake Stands Designs: Decorative and Practical Table Service

Cake stands of various designs have always been essential items of table service for celebrations that include deserts. Whether it's a wedding, company dinner, graduation, or family birthday, cakes are traditionally served on elegant or basic stands. You can find a wide selection of cake new or vintage cake stands available on eBay.

What types of cake stand designs are available?

The following varieties in cake stand styles and designs are available on eBay:

  • Crystal Pedestal Cake Plates: These stunning crystal cake plates are supported by handsome brass or silver pedestals and bases. The base often displays crystal bead decoration, and the glass cake plate edges may be encircled by hanging crystal prism pendants as embellishments, particularly if this is a cake stand set. This ornate pedestal cake stand design is often seen at wedding receptions and elegant parties or company celebrations.
  • 3-Tier Tower Ceramic Cupcake Stands: These stands have three beautiful new or vintage ceramic cupcake plates that are supported by stainless steel, brass, or aluminum center rod and base. They are an ideal choice for serving cupcakes, miniature cakes, cake slices, or small pastries at parties, receptions, and stylish events. The cake plates often display intricate designs of floral or fruit motifs.
  • Rotating Metal Turntable Cake Stands: These minimalist style, sleek cake stands offer a pleasing simple design and smooth turning operation. Whether the stands are new or used, these stands are attractive and easy to maintain. They often come with a non-skid under-mat attached to the base for secure serving.
Essential qualities to look for in cake stands for sale

Basic features and qualities to look for when shopping for an eBay cake stand include the following:

  • Crystal pedestal cake plate stands: In an eBay pedestal cake stand display, you can see the elegant yet sturdy design of the glass table service pieces. These ornate stands lend style and glamour to your dessert table while resisting chipping and cracking.
  • Tiered ceramic cake stands: Although the tiered ceramic cake plate stands look delicate, they will resist scratches and chips. Many of the pottery plates have ridged edges beneath its decorative glazes that help prevent damage during use.
  • Turntable metal cake stands: The sleek, shiny surfaces of a metal turntable cake stand for sale on eBay will not scar or discolor with use. The cake stands are made with understated, functional designs for regular, long-term use.
What brands are manufacturers of new and vintage cake stands?

The following brands are known for its designs in new and vintage cake stands:

  • Godinger Shannon: This brand offers elegant crystal cake plate stands.
  • Wedgwood: This brand has delicate tiered ceramic and metal cake stands.
  • Wilton: This brand produces simple designs in silver and gold-finished stainless steel.