What Makes Cadillac Stand Out?

Stylish and high-performing, Cadillacs have evolved over the years into a luxury brand. Known for its legendary and sometimes over-the-top designs, the company continues to produce many models that are best-sellers, such as the popular Escalade. Seen as a status symbol of wealth and luxury, the Cadillac takes on its competitors with a variety of features and numerous designs.

What Are Some Interesting Cadillac Facts?

Though most of us don't remember a time when Cadillacs weren't around, the company has an interesting and colorful past, which is fun to look back on as it heads into the future.

  • Cadillac is the second-oldest car company in the country, with Oldsmobile being the first. Cadillac has been around since 1902 and was purchased by GM in 1909.
  • Cadillac was named after Antoine Laumet de La Mothe, a French explorer who incidentally founded the city of Detroit.
  • The Eldorado, launched in 1953, was the longest-running car in American history.
  • The company was known for its standout designs, including fins and chrome trim, until the 1970s when vehicles became a bit subtler.
  • Billionaire Warren Buffett will only drive DeVille Touring Sedans.
  • The Cadillac Escalade, one of its crossover SUVs, has the distinction of being the most stolen car in America.

What Are Some Well-Known Cadillac Models?

Cadillac is known for its oversized, roomy sedans, and the brand is still going strong when it comes to creating luxurious family-sized vehicles. Some of these include the ATS, CTS, XTS, and CT6 models, which are four-door luxury sedans. For a smaller vehicle, consider a two-door coupe, such as the ATS-V. The XT5 crossover vehicle is a smaller SUV, and the Escalade is the largest vehicle Cadillac offers, which is a roomy SUV with an oversized, sophisticated design and iconic style

What Are Some Features of Cadillacs?

Just like its designs, Cadillac goes all the way when it comes to features. A luxurious interior is just the beginning, as Cadillac creates a sumptuous environment to drive in, which includes handcrafted, heated leather seats. A Remote Start feature lets you start your car before you get in, which can be convenient on chilly days, and a Bose sound system serves as the most premium way to enjoy music and entertainment. Cadillac uses LED headlights for its energy-efficiency and bold, bright light, while its Head-Up Display puts important driving information right in front of you.

How Does Cadillac Keep You Safe?

From the very beginning, Cadillac considers its drivers' safety. This means that each vehicle is made with the most durable, heavy-duty parts, like steel alloy, to ensure you're protected. A feature called Lane Keep Assist with Lane Departure Warning lets you know when a car is coming without using a blinker, so you can avoid a possible crash. Additionally, Surround Vision lets you see above your vehicle to get a 360-degree view of what's going on around you.