CZ 452 Magazines

Add CZ 452 Magazines to Your Loadout

CZ manufactures firearms and accessories as a U.S.-based branch of their Czech parent company. The CZ 452 magazine is compatible with a few firearm types and comes in different configurations on eBay. Understanding some of the main specifications for this magazine can help you choose the model that fits your criteria. 

How many rounds can the CZ 452 magazine hold? 

The CZ 452 magazine can hold a varied number of rounds depending on the specific type you choose. Some magazine sizes may be intended for a particular type of firearm. In most cases, CZ 452 magazines for handguns tend to hold more rounds than those designed for rifles. You can use the helpful eBay sidebar to sort through the available listings and choose CZ products that meet your minimum capacity needs. Some common capacities you will discover during your search include the following:  

  • 10 rounds - This type of magazine may be suitable for some handguns.
  • 5 rounds - You may wish to choose this magazine if you plan to practice your aim with a rifle.
  • 1 round - Some CZ 452 magazines include a special adapter that allows you to use them as single-shot units.

CZ 452 magazine compatibility 

Many CZ 452 magazines that you will find on eBay are compatible with more than one firearm. In most cases, the magazine you choose will work with multiple firearms from the same category. A 452 5-round magazine for a CZ rifle may be compatible with the company's 452, 453, 512, and 513 rifle models. You can check specific listings for a description of the compatibility options for each magazine you choose. Purchasing multiple magazines may allow you to add equipment to the different types of firearms you may own. All CZ magazines have a unique model number. This number provides a match to compatible firearms that will accept the magazine. 

What materials do CZ 452 magazines use? 

All types of CZ 452 magazines use materials that help them stand up to use in a wide variety of scenarios or environments. Some of the most common materials you will find include the following:  

  • Steel - The body of a 452 magazine uses steel components. Many versions of this accessory have a matte black finish. The steel is heat-treated with CZ's formula. The loading springs inside the accessory are steel as well.
  • Polymers - Some parts of a CZ magazine use a variety of polymers. You will usually find polymers in the bottom portion of most magazines.

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