The last thing you want to see when you move your computer is a pool of molten components pouring out. While temperatures may not get that hot inside, a heat sink still keeps everything cool. Cooler temperatures result in optimal performance and a longer lifespan. A heat sink is simply an object, typically metal, that disperses heat. All modern computers rely on some form of heat exchanger, with higher-end models using CPU heat sinks. These important components are not just for computers. Large heat sinks help any machine that generates heat as a byproduct, such as a car or refrigerator. It is important that such machines stay as cool as possible. Most heat exchangers come with a means of increasing heat dissipation. A computer's heat exchanger uses thermal paste and a fan to increase airflow. Steady airflow is just as important because it keeps cool air moving through the device to carry heat away. Search vast selections on eBay of heat sinks from reliable sellers to keep your important machinery running cool.