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CB Radios

A Citizens Band radio, also known as a CB radio, is a short-range communications radio. They are designed for radio communication between individuals, and they are commonly used in trucks, jeeps, and commercial and construction equipment. They allow a job site to function smoothly through good communication, and are easy to install and setup, making them a great additional piece of equipment to any company. There are many CB radios on the market, all with their own specific functions and style. It is important to find the right radio for your specific needs, and with a bit of searching, you can find just that.

Power and Range

All CB radios are designed for close-range communication. Almost all CB radios are equipped with four volts of power. Because of this, all CB radios have the same amount of transmitting range. Therefore, when looking into CB radios, it is important to remember not to focus on the power as much as its other aspects, like size and functions.

What Size Are You Looking For?

There is a variety of sizes when looking at CB radios. Most radios take up a bit of space within the cab of the vehicle, so it is important to take into account the amount of room you want to dedicate to it. There are a few small CB radio choices on the market that are extremely popular among 4x4 and Jeep drivers. These small radios are an all-in-one package that fits into a handheld device. Larger CB radios are often preferred in larger trucks or equipment, as their size does not seem overbearing within the cab, and they often offer more features. Find the CB radio that fits perfectly in your vehicle or equipment so that it can serve its purpose without being a hindrance to the driver.

Built Tough

There are specific CB radios on the market that were meant to take a beating, and still come back for more. These CB radios are perfect for mines, gravel pits, and construction sites. They are built like tanks and are prepared for whatever ruckus may come their way. Further, they are built simply with minimal functions. Their boxy exterior is meant for function and not aesthetics. These tough little radios were meant to work through any conditions, allowing work to continue no matter how rough.

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