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Toyota Tacoma Bumpers

The Toyota Tacoma is a versatile, mid-sized truck that is as affordable as it is stylish. It is rugged and ready for camping and off-roading, yet is also extremely comfortable for family trips. Whether you have had a mishap, accident, or just want to update your vehicle, finding a replacement Toyota Tacoma bumper is easy.

How do you select a new Toyota Tacoma bumper?

Keeping the year and style of your Tacoma in mind, choosing a new front or rear bumper is simple. There are different Toyota Tacoma bumper styles to select from, including slim fit options with hidden lights, body armor styles that feature a winch, fancy chrome bumpers, or you can also find traditional bumpers that resemble the factory installed versions.

How do you replace a Toyota Tacoma bumper?

Make sure you have all your tools handy before starting. You will need a screwdriver or drill, a safe place to put various pieces as you remove them, and a helpful assistant.

  1. Start by parking on level ground, engage your parking brake, then turn your Tacoma truck’s engine off. Disconnect the battery’s negative terminal and make sure you have parked in a well-lit area where there won’t be any distractions.
  2. Using a screwdriver, remove the front wheel wells on both sides of your vehicle. Many of the bumper’s screws and bolts are hidden beneath the bumper, which means you will need to remove the wheel-well to access them.
  3. Find and remove the screws located on each of the turning signal lights. You can use a flashlight to help locate them if it is difficult to see them. You will also need to disconnect each signal light’s wiring and place the lights somewhere safe.
  4. Remove the two bolts from each side located under the front of the bumper. Set this lower part aside.
  5. Remove the fender brace screws located on each side of the wheel wells. This piece is what allows you to attach a bumper to your Toyota Tacoma.
  6. Grab on to the edges of the front bumper and pull it away from the truck. This movement will release your Toyota’s mounting clips, which are the only item left holding the bumper in place.
  7. Next you will mount the new bumper, carefully popping each of the mounting clips into place. The Toyota Tacoma utilizes eight clips. Then you can replace the fender brace screws while ensuring you have lined the mounting holes up correctly.
  8. Place the lower bumper piece back on and mount the bolts tightly. You can now replace your truck’s signal lights and reconnect the wiring. Put the wheel well covers back on. Carefully test the bumper's stability by pressing on the top of it to be sure it is on safely. If it feels secure, you are finished. If it does not, try tightening the bolts and screws.