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Nissan Titan Bumpers

Nissan Titan bumpers are available for the front and rear of the truck. They are designed from a mix of different materials to be efficient and effective. Here are some tips for finding a great bumper for your Nissan Titan.

What styles of bumpers are available?

Front and rear designs are available for the Nissan Titan. Front bumpers sit under the Titan’s grille in front of the truck’s engine. The back model is a substantial part that sits at the rear of the truck’s bed, relatively low on the vehicle under the tailgate.

How are bumpers attached to the vehicle?

Bumpers can be attached to a Nissan Titan in a variety of ways. Some are welded onto the vehicle. Others are installed via brackets that allow the bumper to be removed and easily repaired if necessary. Similarly, there are also different types of clips available to help attach and stabilize bumpers so that they remain flush with the vehicle. As these parts are some of the most commonly replaced, the options for easy accessibility are practical ones.

What materials comprise a Nissan Titan bumper?

Nissan bumpers used to be made entirely from heavy, durable metals like steel. Nissan Titan bumpers retain a large, substantial pole of heavy metal in the center for the same support and security bumpers are intended for. However, the outside is often a mix of lighter metal like aluminum and carbon fiber and plastic blends, reinforced by a rapid heating and cooling processes to foster durability.

How do you clean this part?
  • These parts are cleaned relatively well during a standard car wash. However, if you desire to clean your bumpers between car washes, mix a solution of warm water and gentle soap together. Apply the soap and water mixture with a soft sponge. Once the parts are free of dirt and mud, rinse them with clean water to remove any extra soap. Dry them with a soft cloth or allow them to air-dry.
  • You may choose to apply polish, wax, or both to your Nissan truck’s bumpers in order to preserve the shine and lessen the chances of scratches. If so, apply polish or wax in a circular motion, and utilize a dry cloth to repeat the action in order to remove any extra product. Repeat this pattern until you have applied an even layer of polish or wax. Let the coat dry so that it can be effective at protecting the automobile.