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Nissan Maxima Bumpers

Nissan Maxima bumpers are made from durable materials to promote safety. They absorb as much impact as possible from other vehicles and objects. Care for them routinely to maximize their efficiency.

What styles of bumpers are available?

Nissan Maxima bumpers come in front and rear models. Front bumpers sit just below the car's vent below the hood, while rear bumpers sit under the car's trunk and license plate holder. Each is shaped slightly differently to accommodate placement, and the two cannot be interchanged if they must be replaced. Bumpers vary somewhat in size and shape depending upon the particular Nissan Maxima year and model.

Individualized bumper styles also exist. These may be painted a variety of different colors and come in lots of finishes. Sometimes they include more cutout designs or even logos. Individualized bumpers tend to serve more as decorative components and less as safety features on a Maxima.

What are bumpers made from?

Nissan bumpers used to be made entirely from heavy metals like steel but have transitioned to different forms of durable plastic and lighter metals, including aluminum and carbon fiber. Often, bumpers are a mixture of the two components. They retain a substantial steel or heavy metal pole through the middle to maintain the same stability and heft. The ability to stop oncoming objects is particularly important. Bumpers function to absorb as much shock as possible to avoid serious automobile accidents. The higher the probability of stopping an oncoming vehicle or object, the safer drivers and passengers remain.

How do you care for a Maxima bumper?

Nissan Maxima bumpers are typically washed as part of routine car washes. However, road trips can leave bumpers full of debris and grime. Use warm water and soap to clean your bumper. Rinse it with clean water and dry it with a soft cloth. You may also choose to polish your bumper to protect from scratches. Apply polish with a dry, soft cloth in a circular motion. Repeat the process with another soft cloth to remove any excess polish. Beyond washing and polishing, inspect your Nissan's bumper regularly for dings, dents, and other damage. Bumpers are some of the most commonly damaged car parts and are essential to the vehicle's safety.

What secures a bumper to the Maxima?

Nissan bumpers are attached to the Maxima with brackets, bolts, and screws. They can also be reinforced with separate parts, called reinforcements, that sit around and below the bumper to add extra security. These parts are almost exclusively made of metal and durable plastic. Brackets sit on either side of the part to hold it against the vehicle.