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Ford Expedition Bumpers

If your Ford Expedition's bumper needs some attention, a number of parts are available. A factory replacement can be installed on your front or rear bumper if you want to match your SUV's original look. Spoilers, reinforcements, and bumper covers can also be added to give your vehicle an improved look or extra protection from bumps that you experience on drives.

How do you install a new Ford Expedition front bumper cover?

Sometimes, the front cover is the only piece of the Ford Expedition assembly that incurs damage on a drive, especially in a minor truck collision. A Ford Expedition bumper cover can be easily replaced by finding a model that matches your original Ford equipment in color and finish. Replacement covers will have the same dimensions, material, and gauge as the version that came with the original Ford vehicle. Just make sure that you shop for something that fits your Expedition's model year. To install it, follow these basic instructions:

  • Place the cover on a towel or blanket on the floor directly in front of your Expedition.
  • Pick up the cover on one side, and line up the clips with the holes on the Ford's sheet metal.
  • Lock the clips by pressing them down until they snap into place.
  • Fasten the cover with screws placed in the pre-drilled holes. The holes can be found on the top of the cover and in the wheel wells. When installing a front bumper, pop the hood to access the screw holes.
How do you replace the Expedition rear bumper cover?
  • Open the Expedition's trunk to gain access to the bolts which hold the rear bumper in place. Using a flathead screwdriver, pry off the trim that covers up the bolts.
  • Disconnect the bolts using a wrench. Bolts will be directly under the trim, which you've just removed. More bolts will be on the side of your rear wheel arches. Slide under your Ford Expedition to be in the right position.
  • Remove the old bumper and replace it with a new one. You may need another person to help hold it steady.
  • Mount the new piece to your SUV with bolts. Replace the Expedition's trim, and make sure the fit is secure before you head out on a drive.
How do you reinforce the Ford Expedition bumper?

Strengthen your Expedition’s bumper using a reinforcement, also known as a bumper bar. It can be mounted to your Expedition using bolts, aligned on either side of the front or rear ends. With one of these on your SUV, you can drive with greater confidence.

  • Material: Choose from steel, aluminum, or plastic models for your SUV. Steel is commonly used in car parts because of its practicality - it's readily available, strong, and can be coated with rust-resistant material. Aluminum is even stronger than steel and is not likely to rust. The third option - plastic - is light, impact-resistant, and easy to replace if damaged.
  • Finish: Go with a chrome trim if you want things to stay shiny and metallic. You can also install a black model if that would better complement your Ford Expedition's exterior trim.