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Bumpers for Dodge Ram 1500

Whether you're remodeling your Dodge truck or repairing some damage, you can choose from original steel Dodge Ram 1500 parts. You can find rear bumpers for your towing needs and front bumpers for protecting your vehicle, including your lights. When you're ready to repair or replace your bumpers, take a look at the available aftermarket or original equipment options for the Dodge Ram 1500.

What front bumper do you need for a winch?

If you're taking the Dodge Ram off-roading, you may want to consider adding a winch to your rear or front bumper to help pull the vehicle out of a hard situation. You can also use a winch on the Dodge Ram's rear bumper to help pull out other riders and move obstacles out of your way. However, you'll need a steel front bumper to handle the stress put on your vehicle as well as the winch when you're pulling a vehicle or being pulled.

Is there a bar to help reinforce the bumper?

Bumper impact bars are an accessory for your vehicle's front bumper and will help absorb shock in a front-end collision. You can also use these bars on the rear bumper to reduce damage from a fender bender or collision. You can install this Dodge Ram 1500 accessory to your replacement front or rear bumper while installing the bumper. By doing this, you save time and energy while protecting your truck, lights, and accessories.

Are there Dodge Ram bumpers that are already painted?

With options ranging from gray, black, white, and red, you can find rear or front bumpers for Dodge Ram 1500 vehicles that will match your truck's exterior paint. However, if your Dodge Ram 1500 has a custom paint job, you can buy an unfinished front bumper, allowing you to paint it to match your truck's unique color.

How much do the Dodge Ram 1500 front bumpers weigh?

While the exact dimensions of the steel Ram bumpers will vary depending on your trim, style of lights, and other accessories, their weight is approximately 70 pounds, and the dimensions will be approximately 78 inches x 13 inches x 24 inches. Before selecting the steel bumpers for your Dodge Ram 1500, make sure you verify your exact trim and other details in order to ensure a proper fit.

Can you step on the Dodge Ram 1500 rear bumpers?

You may sometimes need to step on the Dodge Ram 1500's rear bumper in order to climb into the back or save time by reaching for items in the back of the truck without lowering the tail. You can find Ram 1500 bumpers that are designed as steps, allowing your weight to be supported when climbing. These are made from extra reinforced steel and will add a layer of protection to your truck.

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