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Chevrolet El Camino Bumpers and Parts

Bumpers are structures that attach to the front and back of cars and trucks. During minor collisions, the bumpers absorb a small amount of the impact to help protect the main components of the car from damage. If something happens to the original bumper, the part can be removed and replaced as needed to make your vehicle whole again.

What are the differences between OEM and aftermarket bumpers?

For those looking for a replacement bumper for their Chevrolet El Camino truck, there are generally two types:

  • OEM: Bumpers that have an OEM label are made by the manufacturer that made the bumpers for the original vehicle. This means that this specific part was designed to fit the vehicle without needing to be altered in any way. The part will also be made from the same materials the original bumper was made from.
  • Aftermarket: These parts are made by companies and manufacturers that did not play a role in creating the original pieces. Bumpers made by aftermarket companies can be made from a range of materials, have different finishes, or even have customized aspects that are not available with OEM parts.
What components make up bumpers?

Bumpers are comprised of a variety of different components. These components include the:

  • Cover: This component is the molded piece that covers the front or rear of the vehicle. It is usually painted to match the car.
  • Bumper ends: These cover the ends to both strengthen and protect this part as it is often the portion of the bumper that becomes damaged in an accident.
  • Grille: Some bumpers have a small space to allow airflow to go through the front of the car. The grille prevents road debris from getting to components located behind the bumper.
  • Brackets, retainers, and clips: These pieces are used to attach the bumper to the car.
What materials can bumpers be made of?

Bumpers that are compatible with the Chevrolet El Camino are made from five main materials:

  • Plastic: Poly resin is often used to make components for vehicles as it is tough and resistant to minor impacts.
  • Aluminum alloy: This material is strong and lightweight, providing protection for the vehicle without adding unnecessary weight.
  • Carbon fiber: Like aluminum alloy, this material is lightweight and impact resistant. It can be painted to match the cars exterior and can be repaired following a minor impact.
  • Fiberglass: This material is often used to make aftermarket parts. It is both strong and lightweight.
  • Steel: Due to the heavy weight of these bumpers, they are often installed on vehicles that go on off-road adventures.
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