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Chevrolet Corvette Bumpers

Bumpers are attached to the front and rear of a vehicle body, and these covers are designed to absorb impact and protect a car from damage or minor collisions. Some drivers may buy new or replacement bumpers to increase a vehicles aesthetic appeal and overall appearance. If youre searching for parts of this kind for your Chevrolet Corvette, there are a questions that you may have before making a purchase to simplify the shopping process.

What materials are bumpers commonly made of?

These Corvette parts can be made of a few different materials. The kind that you choose will depend on your individual preferences.

  • Steel: Steel is a durable, heavy option. Stainless steel is somewhat corrosion resistant.
  • Aluminum: This strong, lightweight material is highly resistant to corrosion.
  • Carbon fiber: This material is durable and lightweight. It can also be repaired and painted.
  • Fiberglass: Fiberglass is durable, lightweight, and may be sanded and painted.
  • Plastic: Plastic components of this type are usually made of certain poly-resin composites. It resists impact and can be painted.
How can you tell if a bumper will fit your Corvette?

It is important to purchase front and rear end components that will fit your vehicle correctly. This can improve the look and safety of the vehicle.

  • Know the year, model, and trim level of your car.
  • Find specific part numbers.
  • Search for OEM parts designed for your vehicle.
How can you find these components for your vehicle?

You can find the specific bumper by searching for its part number. This number can be found by referencing the cars owner manual. If you dont have the original manual available, you can perform a VIN number search.

What are OEM parts and accessories?

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer. OEM parts and accessories are designed to fit a specific brand of vehicle and are manufactured using precise measurements and specifications. OEM bumpers are commonly made from polyurethane, other poly resins, or fiberglass.

How do you install a bumper?

Installing a bumper may seem like a difficult process, but essentially it takes five steps.

  • 1. Remove all screws and clips from your vehicle’s bumper.
  • 2. Test fit the new bumper.
  • 3. Drill the necessary holes if they arent already pre-drilled and then shave or fill any areas where fitting isnt aligned.
  • 4. Prep for paint and then paint and sand if desired.
  • 5. Install new clips and screws securely.
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