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A Quick Guide to Bulova Wristwatches

In 1919, wristwatches became a more convenient style of telling time, and the Bulova Watch Company started its first complete line of jeweled men's wristwatches. Bulova watches come in both new and preowned condition on eBay, and carefully crafted components like crystals, genuine leather, and diamonds are a few of Bulova's trademarks. Distinctive styles of Bulova wristwatches for men and women offer something different for a wide range of aesthetic tastes.

What kinds of materials are Bulova watches made from?

Bulova uses materials such as mother-of-pearl, stainless steel, various finishes in gold and rose gold, leather of varying colors and textures, crystals, and diamonds in the construction of their men's and women's wristwatches. Depending on the particular watch style, it may have all or some of these features included. Stainless-steel mesh bands are used frequently in men's watches while faceted bracelets and leather straps are commonly used among women's styles.

What are some models of Bulova men's watches?
  • The Special Edition Chronograph C: This Bulova men's wristwatch has six hands and features chronograph movement technology. The piece is made from stainless steel with red, white, and navy accents. Strap options are a stainless-steel mesh bracelet or navy leather strap. The watch includes a dome over the watch face that is made from sapphire crystal.
  • The Men's Precisionist Watch: This wristwatch features a sweeping second hand along with minute and hour hands in an analog style. A brown leather strap and gray watch face combine with gold and rose gold accents. The piece's face is mineral glass, and the buckle on the strap features a three-part closure.
  • The Frank Lloyd Wright: This men's wristwatch by Bulova is a collector's edition with only 500 watches made in total. The geometric elements of the pattern on the watch's face are inspired by a rug that Frank Lloyd Wright designed during the 1950s. The sleek, dark brown leather strap is designed for sturdy closure.
What are some styles of Bulova women's watches?
  • The Diamond Watch: This watch features 11 diamonds placed at all but the seven o'clock mark where a glitter heart decal rests instead. The closure is crafted from stainless steel and gold accents to create a faceted bracelet. A mother-of-pearl dial completes the inspired look.
  • The Crystal Watch: This Bulova watch features 440 crystals on the watch face, band, and trim. Rose-gold accents make up numbers, hands, and intermittent spots on the band and trim. The watch includes roman numerals at the twelve o'clock and six o'clock marks.
  • The Classic Diamond Watch: This watch has four diamonds, one set at each the twelve o'clock, three o'clock, six o'clock, and nine o'clock mark. Stainless steel makes up the back and trim of the watch face, coated with a rose gold finish. A mother-of-pearl dial and smooth espresso-brown strap complete the look.
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