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Bully Nerf Bars and Running Boards

Bully nerf bars and running boards let you customize the look of your vehicle while enhancing its functionality and safety. With so many shapes, styles, colors, materials, and finishes to choose from, Bully nerf bars and running boards complement to a wide range of vehicle types and tastes. You can discover the features and benefits to help you narrow down your choices.

What makes and models are compatible with Bully?

Bully manufactures an enormous collection of running boards, nerf bars, and steps for most models by America's Big Three: General Motors, Ford, and Chrysler. Bully also features a large assortment of these products that fit whatever type of truck you drive. Most bars, boards, and side steps designed for models by the Big Three are direct replacements, manufactured to feel, appear, and function like originals.

Where do you install side steps for high capacity?

Installation position does not affect capacity. The material that a given pair of side steps consist of and their mounting hardware is the main influence. Side steps generally have a capacity of 350 to 500 pounds. You have the option of installing side steps in front of each door, under your truck bed, and in front of the back wheel on either side. The latter position helps you step up and lean over the side of your truck and into the bed as needed.

How do adjustable nerf bars and running boards work?

There are adjustable or retractable, bars, boards, and steps to choose from. They fold beneath your vehicle and lock into place when not in use. When you need them, they unfold and lock into place, providing steady support as you board or exit your vehicle. Many are universal products that fit any truck, and they come in different materials, finishes, and colors.

What materials, colors, and finishes are there?

Materials, colors, and finishes vary by season. Aluminum, alloys, steel, chrome, and ABS (sturdy thermoplastic) are some materials you may encounter. Although there are custom colors you can special order, black and silver predominate, since these two hues match most standard automotive trim colors.

More than merely aesthetic, finishes also enhance surface texture and create necessary traction and grip to prevent slippage. The following list is just a sampling of available possibilities:

  • Powder-coating: An electrostatically applied thermoplastic top layer.
  • Anodized: An oxide layer applied by an electrolytic process.
  • Brushed: Polished with a grit belt.
  • Diamond plate: Raised lines in diamond shapes for traction.
Are there standard sizes and lengths?

Nerf bars and running boards come in diameters and widths of 2 to 6 inches. Bars are more pole-shaped, whereas boards resemble planks. For lengths, your choices are cab-length and wheel-to-wheel. Cab-length spans the cab or seating area of your truck. Wheel-to-wheel models cover the space between the back of your front wheel and the front of your back wheel.