Add a Buffalo Skull to Your Rustic Decor

A buffalo skull can add a touch of the rustic or outdoors to any room in your home or office. Although these skulls often share a similar shape, they are available on eBay in many sizes and configurations. You can browse the listings to find the type of skull that appeals to your sense of style.

Types of buffalo skulls

Different types of skulls can include different components or feature unique looks and materials. Some of the most common types of skulls are:

  • Standard - A standard buffalo skull includes the base skull. It may or may not include horns.
  • Hide - A hide skull includes the outer fur and other features of the buffalo.
  • Horns - If you would like to create a display of buffalo skull horns without the head, you can find pairs of these on eBay.
What materials do buffalo skulls have?

The kinds of materials that are used in your skull will depend on the type you get and its origin. Certain materials might produce unique visual effects that go with your decor. If you are looking for a skull made from specific materials, you can choose from these:

  • Animal - Skulls with an animal origin are made from bone and include original animal parts.
  • Faux - Synthetic skulls in the likeness of a buffalo often have lightweight metal components. They have the shape and natural design of an original skull.
  • Parts - You may wish to choose a product that includes individual fragments of the skull rather than a complete piece.
New and preowned buffalo skulls

eBay offers a wide range of new and used buffalo skulls in various conditions that can fit your budget. A new skull will include any original packaging that comes with the item. It has not been displayed before, and you should not notice any cosmetic blemishes on its surface. Note that in some cases, a preowned skull may not show any normal signs of wear. However, used skulls may have been displayed previously in other environments and may not come with their original packaging. Buffalo skulls in any condition are ready for display.