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Everything You Need to About Bruno Stairlifts Elevators

A Bruno stair lift can help you get up and down the stairs or in and out of your car without putting too much strain on the body. There are several different kinds of stair lifts that are designed for different environments or areas of the house. The Bruno stair lift may require installation, adjustments, and a charger.

How does a Bruno stair lift work?

Most Bruno stair lifts are battery operated so you don't have to worry about your chair not working in the case of a power outage or other type of emergency. It uses a rack-pinion drive system to move up and down a staircase. They are attached to the treads of your stairs. The stair lift works by holding a button down or flipping a switch to move the chair. The button or switch is typically located on the armrest of the chair.

There are also vertical platform lifts, which may be referred to as a stair lift elevator, that are designed to assist those in wheelchairs. They work a little differently and are often installed outside the home as porch lifts, not attached to the stairs.

Different models of stair lifts

There are several different models of Bruno stair lifts. Some models are made to fit around curved stairs while others are made specifically for an outdoor setting. The Elan is one of Bruno's more popular models. It has a low-profile rail design which allows excess space for other people in the household to walk up and down the stairs. The Elite models offer more comfortable seating and the option to add power features like a folding footrest and swivel. Bruno also offers several Elite models for outdoor living spaces.

What accessories and parts are required?

There are a few accessories or replacement parts that you may wish to buy separately. Here are some to consider:

  • Battery charger - Since almost all Bruno chair lifts are battery operated, you will need a battery charger. It is important to buy the right battery charger that matches with your stair lift model as they might not all work.
  • Replacement circuit board - If your stair lift stops working, you may also wish to purchase a replacement circuit board, motor, or gear tracks.
  • Installation kit - Although you can hire someone to install it for you, it is also possible to assemble the stair lifts on your own. You can purchase an installation kit to help with this.
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