Choosing an Awesome, Folding Brompton Bike

Brompton bikes are hailed the world over for their ability to not only look cool but also fold up. eBay has a wide variety of Brompton bikes to choose from at affordable prices.

Which types of handlebars are available? 

Brompton bikes are unique for having several different types of handlebars, with each one having a unique use and purpose.  

  • H-type: These bars are shaped like M-type handlebars, but they're taller, giving you a beautiful upright silhouette.
  • M-type: Featuring the classic Brompton look, these handlebars provide a comfortable, relaxed riding position for your hands, leaving plenty of room for anything you're toting in the front of your bike.
  • S-type: S-type handlebars feature a lower grip height and silhouette, allowing you to lean forward as you ride, similar to the way that you would ride a road bike.
  • P-type: P-type handlebars are the perfect blend between S-type and M-type handlebars, creating a silhouette that's perfect for those doing long journeys.

What types of frame materials are there to choose from? 

Brompton bikes are made from two types of frame material. Steel is used on Brompton touring bikes because it's naturally good at vibration dampening, a key benefit for bikers going long distances over rough terrain. The other type of frame material used is super-light titanium. This material is used instead of steel on the rear triangle, mudguard stays, and the front fork so that the bike ends up weighing almost 2.5 pounds less than if those pieces were made of steel. This is a good option for people who have to carry the bikes around a lot. 

Choose the right saddle height for your height 

It's paramount that you get the right saddle for your height. If you don't, it will always be uncomfortable riding, getting on, and getting off your bike. If you've got an inside leg length of 33 inches, get the standard height seat post, the shortest and lightest. If you've got an inside leg length of between 33 and 35 inches, you'll want the extended leg saddle height. If your inside leg length is over 35 inches, you'll want the telescopic leg length. 

Key features of the Brompton Roll Top bag 

The Roll Top bag is built for people who need to tote around an everyday bag. It has a roll-top closure that allows you to make the bag larger or smaller as needed. The front adjustable strap keeps everything neat and orderly as you ride along. 

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