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Whether you are getting ready to push a lawn mower or ride a go-kart, it is very likely that the motor will be fueled by gas power. These engines fueled with gas power add real power to your equipment. When looking to replace parts for your gas-powered motor, be sure that you choose the right parts that will fit your equipment.

What types of engines does Briggs and Stratton make?

Briggs and Stratton was known primarily for first developing cast iron engines but then later became known for creating lightweight aluminum engines in 1953. This new model was a perfect fit for the then recently invented rotary lawn mower. The company also produced electrical generators for a time during WWII.

Which type of carburetor do you need for your mower?

You will need to consult your Briggs and Stratton owner's manual to determine if you need a solenoid or non-solenoid carburetor. Once you determine specific parts information, you will be able to find a kit that fits your model quickly. Be sure to include any Briggs and Stratton fuel supply parts you will need as well.

Do you need a mower engine starter parts kit?

If you have a Briggs and Stratton lawn mower motor with a string-pull starter, you should look at other parts, such as a carburetor or fuel filter, as a source of starting troubles. However, if your Briggs and Stratton starter is electronic, then you should start with testing your engine starter and may need a mower engine starter parts kit

Do you need a new camshaft for your B&S motor?

If your Briggs and Stratton engine needs a new crankshaft, it is very likely that you would know it as starting the motor would be an impossible task. Either a broken or bent crankshaft during actual use is enough to make a Briggs and Stratton motor totally unusable and potentially unfixable. However, if the crankshaft breaks or freezes up in a way that does not damage other parts of the motor, an overhaul combined with a new crankshaft would help make the motor like new.

What is the horsepower of Briggs and Stratton go-kart engines?

Briggs and Stratton go-kart engines were originally rated at the following horsepower for the respective engine:

  • 16 HP for the World Formula Motor
  • 6.5 HP for the Animal Motor
  • 5 HP for the Raptor Motor
  • 3.3 HP for the Junior 206 Motor
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