When hunting for the right coffee machine, there are a number of different factors to keep an eye out for. Everybody has their own way of way of how they want to use their espresso machine, but with the extensive line of Breville machines, you have many choices and should be able to find a model that will meet your needs.

What are some features of Breville machines?

Breville's line of machines offers several different features, making it possible for you to pick and choose from numerous different combinations of features in order to get all the specific features you want. The features you can find are listed here:

  • Display - The display featured on many machines helps to guide you through all the steps necessary to brew your cup of coffee. Everything from adding the ingredients to giving you instructions on regular maintenance is provided.
  • Controls - The controls available on Breville machines make it possible for you to fine-tune the way that the machine produces the espresso so that it is made to your unique specifications to satisfy your own personal preferences.
  • Automation - While it varies depending on the machine, Breville Espresso machines come with a number of different automated functions, so that you don't have to know every last detail about espresso making in order to use the machine. This user-friendly feature makes it a cinch to get a handle on making your own professional-style coffee in the comfort of your own home.
How do you choose an espresso machine?

When choosing a machine, several factors can be considered before your purchase. Some options to consider are the features included in the espresso machine and its structure. There are also a number of other things to look for when choosing a machine, and you might consider the following factors:

  • Pressure Pump - An important component of an espresso machine is the pressure pump. It provides the pressure to make the espresso.
  • Boiler - This is where the water gets heated, and different factors such as the material, weight, and thickness of the boiler can impact the final result of the brewing. A thicker boiler will have greater temperature stability than a thinner one, which helps when you're brewing more than one cup. When it comes to material, look for either steel or brass, as both have excellent temperature retention qualities and are able to brew repeatedly in a shorter period of time.
  • Level of automation - Different machines automate different amounts of the brewing process. Some machines come with many automated features. Other machines leave a number of settings and steps that can be determined by the user, which leaves the door open for you to change some details so that you can personalize things more to fit your own tastes.
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