Breastfeeding and Nursing Supplies

There are many different nursing supplies available including storage products, breast pumps, pump supplies, and other nursing accessories. Nursing supplies come in a range of brands, such as Medela, Avent, and Spectra. Some brands specialize in certain products, such as Medela's emphasis on breast pumps and Laguna's specialization in bags.

What are some breastfeeding supplies?

Breastfeeding supplies include a pump, nursing pads, nipple shields, nursing covers, feeding pillows, lanolin creams, and nursing bras, to name a few. There are also breast massagers that can help to unclog milk ducts.

When is a breast pump used?

One reason that a pump can be used is if the infant is not able to feed enough to drain all the breastmilk. A breast pump allows the mother to pump the remaining breastmilk to save for when the baby is ready to eat again. Mothers also use breast pumps in cases when they are not with their baby for extended periods of time and must store and give breast milk to another caregiver.

What are nipple shields used for?

Nipple shields, also known as breast shells or collection cups, are used for a variety of different reasons. One reason is that they can help newborns who are having difficulties latching to nurse more easily because they are larger than a natural nipple. They can also be used to give a mother's nipple a rest if it is becoming dry and chafed or if the mother's nipple is inverted.

How does a pillow aid in breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding pillows are designed to help the mother support the baby while she is breastfeeding. They take the weight off of the mother's arms so that she can nurse more comfortably.

What kinds of bottles are available?

Glass and plastic are the most common materials used in the construction of baby bottles. Additionally, you can also choose to use a bottle that has a plastic liner that the milk goes into.

What is lanolin cream used for?

When women nurse, it's very common for nipples to become sore, chafed, or cracked. Lanolin cream eases discomfort by moisturizing the dry skin on the nipple and breast. The cream should be used after you nurse so that the cream has the most time to absorb into the skin before the next feeding.

What kinds of accessories and supplies are used with pumps?

Common accessories that are necessary with pumps are flanges, nipple shields, valves, and tubing. It is a good idea to have spare parts on hand in case a part needs to be replaced. Some of these items may be found together within a kit.