Boy's Underwear Size 4 and Up

Boys underwear in size four and up is designed to fit a child up to their teenage years. It is fashioned in a way to make it easy for a young boy to go to the bathroom. Boys underwear is also created with comfort and fashion in mind.

What are the common styles of underwear for boys?

  • Briefs: Briefs are a type of underwear that have a flap style of fly in the front. The length stops at the top of the leg, and full coverage is provided to the buttocks, waist, and front of the boy's body.
  • Boxer briefs: Boxer briefs fit the body like briefs, but the leg extends to the upper thigh. They have the same type of fly.
  • Boxers: Boxers have a loose and comfortable fit on a boy's body. The fly may be a flap, or it may have buttons or snaps. Some kids wear these shorts as a type of sleepwear or as an extra layer along with a pair of briefs under the clothes when it is cold outside.

What are the features of underwear for a boy?

  • Covered waistband: A covered elastic waistband reduces skin chafing and allows for a more comfortable fit for the underwear.
  • Tagless: The tagless model of boys' underwear has the size information printed directly onto the fabric, which eliminates skin irritation. The printing does not show through the back side of the underwear.
  • Designs: Underwear for boys comes in white, solid colors, and designs such as cartoons, cars, or dinosaurs that can cater to the interests of kids. Boxers may have a plaid, checkered, solid, or striped design.
  • Soft and cooling fabric: Underwear for boys is usually made from cotton, cotton and polyester blends, or cotton with spandex for softness, stretch, and cooling properties.

How do you choose the size of underwear?

Each brand of underwear for boys may have a slightly different set of guidelines for sizing. To choose a well-fitting pair, begin by using a cloth tape measure to measure the boy around his natural waist. The natural waist is about 2 inches below the boy's belly button. Once you have this measurement, compare it with the manufacturer's guidelines. Some of the underwear is based on the child's weight and height. In most cases, a boy will need the same fit of underwear as he wears in pants. Many kids whose waists measure 20.5 inches will wear a 4/5, those measuring 21 to 23 inches fit into a 6/8, and those measuring 24 to 25 inches fits into 8/10 briefs or boxers. Some brands use measurements such as small, medium, and large. Extra-small fits children who wear 4/5; small corresponds to 6/8, medium corresponds to 8/10, and large corresponds to 10/12.