Boys' Clothing (Sizes 4 & Up)

Boys' Clothing (Sizes 4 and Up)

Kids can go through clothing quickly, and the changing seasons make buying the appropriate attire essential. If you are searching for boys' clothing for sizes 4 and up, there are a lot of options available.

How do you find the correct sizing for boys?

When you are searching for clothing of the correct size for boys, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that the outfits you pick will fit.

  • Consider your child's age. Most clothes are marked by age. 4T stands for 4 years old. The "T" means the piece falls into the toddler-age category. If your child is smaller in stature, they may fit into 3T garments even if they are 4 years old. Alternatively, a larger child will likely fit 5T garments at the age of 4. Knowing how your child ranks size wise for their age can help you buy clothes based on the age indicated on the garment's tag.
  • Know how much your child weighs. If you aren't sure how your little boy compares to other children of the same age, getting their weight may be helpful.
  • Measure your child's height. Height is another important factor to keep in mind when choosing a piece of clothing.
How will you know if clothing is seasonally appropriate?

Garments for boys can be seasonal or worn year-round. Here are a few tips for choosing garments that are appropriate for certain kinds of weather.

  • Look at the color schemes and patterns. Many garments will tip you off to the season that they are intended for simply by their aesthetic designs. Fall shirts will often be made in muted colors and have longer sleeves. Winter garments are often dark and in shades of gray or brown for boys. Summer garments will be brighter and likely designed using lightweight materials.
  • Check the materials. Thick fabrics, like tweed, flannel, and thermal, will be better for fall and winter in most climates. Lighter materials, like cotton and rayon, can work well in spring and summer.
  • Read and See if a garment is marked for specific times of year. Many product descriptions will specify the season that the garments are intended for.
How do you choose the right garments?
  • Choosing soft fabrics can be a good idea. Soft fabric will be less irritating to your child's skin.
  • Find breathable materials. Cotton and cotton-polyester blends tend to be breathable and wick away moisture.
  • Watch for irritating extras on garments. Thickly cross-stitched designs or excessive buttons may be frustrating for some younger children.
What are some common options for boys?

There many different options out there for boys. When choosing an outfit, you’ll typically choose a top and bottom piece and matching accessories.

  • Tops: Tops may include shirts, T-shirts, button-down shirts, hoodies, jackets, coats, and pullover sweatshirts.
  • Bottoms: Bottoms can include slacks, jeans, shorts, sweatpants, and more.