Bowtech Archery Compound Bows


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Bowtech Archery Compound Bows

Bowtech Archery creates bows. Their company is headquartered in Eugene, Oregon, and their bows are made in America. These bows come in models geared toward either hunting or target shooting.

What is a compound bow?

Compound bows represent a contemporary evolution of archery equipment. This type of bow can be identified by its pulley systems and numerous strings. The pulleys allow for a high pull weight with a let-off point. A let-off point is the moment when the pull weight becomes lower as you pull back on the arrow. This is designed to make aiming your shots easier.

How do you know what draw weight to choose?

Novice archers should opt for a lighter draw regardless of their strength. This will allow the archer to develop proper technique. Lower draw weights will reduce the chance of an injury to your joints and muscles, so you can spend time working on form, technique, and muscle memory. Your body needs time to get used to the activity. Then you can work up to heavier pulls. There is a general guide for draw weights:

  • Child of 70 to 100 pounds: 15 to 25 pounds draw weight.
  • Archer of 100 to 130 pounds: 25 to 35 pounds
  • Archer of 130 to 160 pounds: 30 to 40 pounds
  • Archer of 150 to 180 pounds: 55 to 65 pounds
  • Archer of 180+ pounds: 70 pounds and up.
How do you know what draw length to choose?

Draw length is an important factor to consider when selecting a bow. It is usually a good idea to get measured by an archery coach or a pro-shop employee. These experts will most often use a practice bow and an arrow that is marked. This will help them to select and fit you with your equipment. Proper draw length is essential for consistent shooting, good form, and accuracy. If you measure this yourself, there is a simple method:

  • Stand with your arms spread out and your fingers outstretched.
  • Measure your arm span from fingertip to fingertip.
  • Divide the number you get by 2.5.
What materials are Bowtech bows made of?

Bowtech brand bows are mostly made of aluminum. The risers are made of a machined aluminum, with some models using molded aluminum. There are also a few special models that are made with carbon or magnesium.

Are these bows suitable for hunting?

Bowtech makes a number of compound bow models specifically for hunting. These models are designed to provide more power. They typically fire heavier bolts with serrated arrowheads. These bows are often shorter and more portable. This helps when carrying them around in the field.

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