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Mazda 3 Body Kits

Adding a body kit to your vehicle can be a way to increase its aesthetic appeal and performance abilities. The Mazda 3 has many aftermarket options that can increase its value and driving capabilities. Adding aftermarket components may seem complicated, but the process is actually relatively simple.

Of what materials are body kits usually constructed?

These types of components and aftermarket parts are readily available in a wide range of material options. The weight and availability of parts can vary depending on which material choices you make. You'll want to choose parts made of materials that are well-suited to your specific purposes and vehicle specifications.

  • Fiberglass: This widely available material is durable and easy to acquire.
  • Polyurethane: This durable and pliable material is known for being easy to install.
What components are usually included in a body kit?

Body kits can contain a wide range of components. Part options may vary depending on which maker you choose and the trim level of your vehicle.

  • Bumpers: Bumpers are available for both the front and rear of most vehicles.
  • Spoilers: Spoilers are great for increasing aesthetic appeal and aerodynamic functionality in some cases.
  • Skirts: Skirts attach to the underside of your car and can help reduce high-pressure air at high speeds.
  • Side guards: These can help to protect your wheel wells from scraping and side impact damage, or simply change the visual profile of your car.
  • Scoops: Scoops and hood scoops are available to help with airflow or serve decorative purposes.
What do full kits include?

Packages like this usually contain at least four components that will match and fit well together. They can be made of a variety of materials and by many different manufacturers. They'll usually contain front and rear bumpers, side skirts, spoilers, and occasionally roof scoops and/or side guards. Purchasing parts that are packaged and sold together like this can be an effective way to save time when shopping.

Can you buy parts separately and mix and match components?

Purchasing parts individually can be a way to customize your ride and make everything match your individual specifications. However, if you want to ensure that all components and accessories fit seamlessly, you can save yourself time and energy by finding a packaged set of components.

Will the weight of aftermarket parts affect your driving ability?

Yes and no. Many aftermarket parts are designed specifically to keep your car running fast. Still, certain decorative parts are intended simply to increase your vehicle's aesthetic appeal. You'll want to decide beforehand if you're trying to make your ride go faster, look more attractive, or a combination of both. If you want to keep your vehicle light, choose lightweight materials like polyeurethane, composite plastics, or aluminum. Some fiberglass parts are designed to be lightweight and aerodynamic as well.

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