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Boat Accessories and Gear

Safe and fun boating begins with having the right accessories and marine gear for your outings. Whether youre sailing your boat on oceans, lakes, or rivers, there are pieces of equipment that are essential and additional accessories that make the trip a fun adventure.

What are some of the most important boat accessories?

The list of marine accessories you should have on every outing is extensive, but for starters, youll definitely want to have some extra gas and a back-up battery on hand. Before you even begin boating, youll also want to make sure you have painted the bottom of your boat. Fresh annual paint keeps salt from eating away at the shell and prevents organisms from ruining the boat. You should have a bilge system to avoid water collecting in the boat. Ensure its clear of debris and easy to access. For docking, boat covers keep your craft clean and protected.

How can you make sure your boating adventure is safe?

There are a number of items that can help you enjoy a safe trip. For instance, be aware of carbon monoxide poisoning for inside spaces. A detector will alert you to any high levels of fatal carbon levels. A fire extinguisher is as vital as any piece of gear. In addition, items like rescue strobe lights, LED flares, and boating distress flags can help you in the event that you need assistance at sea. Finally, you may want to invest in a rear-view mirror for your boat.

What accessories are easily overlooked?

Once the safety issues are taken care of, the boat should be made comfortable and relaxing. There are many carpets available that add style to your overall look. A simple oil-draining kit will make regular maintenance easier. A bottle of salt remover on board or at your dock will make clean-up easier and will ensure boat longevity. An air horn on board will help alert other marine boaters of your presence.

What are other incidental pieces of gear boaters should consider?

Small items like cupholders make travel with friends and family more comfortable. Have an extra compass on hand in case your electronics fail. Sunscreen is an easy must, but a bimini top or large umbrella helps add extra protection from intense sun. Fish finders, extra bait, plenty of poles, and nets will let hours pass as you fish the waters. Skis, floats, rafts, and a cooler packed for a picnic will give the family an unforgettable outing.