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Questions About Wireless TV Speakers

Wireless TV speakers can be used to increase the enjoyment of your at-home entertainment. These speakers are compatible with many different devices. Most are relatively easy to connect, and some allow you to install them onto the wall for surround-sound options.

In what sizes are wireless speakers available?

Wireless speakers come in several size options so you can choose the one that fits in your space. Sound bar speakers are lightweight, and many can be installed easily on your wall below your TV. If you have a larger wall space and need more sound options, there are affordable wireless TV speakers on eBay designed to work in bigger rooms. The following list can help you choose the right speakers for your space.

  • Soundbars - These come in sizes from around 1 inch to more than 3 inches long.
  • Standalone speakers - These can sit under or around your TV on a shelf.
  • Floor speakers - These are tall enough to sit on the floor or a low platform near the TV.
How do you choose the right wireless TV speakers?

Choosing the right wireless speakers depends on the TV you have. Some TVs will give you Bluetooth connection options, which makes it relatively easy to connect your speakers. If your TV doesn't have Bluetooth, you will need to choose a speaker that uses a transmitter. You can usually find compatibility and connection information in the product description of the speaker.

How do wireless speakers connect to a TV?

There are two basic types of technology that allow you to connect speakers to your TV using a wireless connection. The type you use will depend on your TV and the speaker you choose. Some speakers use a transmitter that connects your TV to your speakers. Other speakers are able to connect using Bluetooth technology. The product description of the speakers you choose will tell you the connection type to use. It's important to note that some TVs may require an adapter to connect with a wireless speaker.

Can you use more than one wireless speaker per TV?

Some wireless TV speakers come in sets and can be used together. If speakers are different brands or models, they are likely not compatible. When searching for speakers that can be used together, you should look for the word "pairable" in eBay’s product description. Some Bluetooth speakers are specifically designed to be used together so you can put them in different areas of the room for improved sound. If you're using the transmitter method to connect to your TV, you would need a TV with more than one port for transmitter connection.

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