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Listen to Your Tunes Out Loud Anywhere You Go with a Bluetooth boombox

Be the life of any party you choose with a Bluetooth boombox and a prize playlist. They are available in designs that range from the contemporary and slick to the retro and classic, with options made more for bathrooms and others more for beach sides. Try eBays selection of Bluetooth boombox speakers to find your next sound sensation.

What features are added to Bluetooth boomboxes?

Wireless Bluetooth boomboxes come with a variety of different features; with eBay, you can choose an affordable model that comes with those elements most important to you.

  • Waterproof: If you plan to use your Bluetooth boombox on the beach, by a pool, or in chancy weather, the advantages of having a waterproof boombox are clear.
  • Long battery life: As convenience as cordless is, it comes with a time limit. A long battery life ensures that time limit stretches as long as possible; some models can run for 24 hours before needing a recharge.
  • Microphone: If you care to use your phones functionality over a speaker, a microphone is an important element.
  • CD player: Many people still make use of compact discs to listen to their music, and many CD players will allow you to record from the disc to a USB drive, tripling functionality.
  • Style: For portable boombox speakers, retro is one of the favored ways to go, calling back to the era of massive boomboxes being hoisted onto shoulders to share music and street credibility, as well as to bring life to parties.
In what sizes are Bluetooth boomboxes available?

If you are looking for a Bluetooth boombox, odds are you have already passed over the smaller speaker options, which generally have many of the same potential features as the larger options. Boomboxes range in size from relatively small to the truly mighty, the larger sizes comparable to those retro options that were barely able to be lugged about on shoulders and are generally well suited to providing entertainment for large groups.

How powerful do the speakers on Bluetooth boomboxes get?

This, of course, depends on the size and price of the model you get, but the BumpBoxxs UpRock V1S promises 1000 watts of audio power to please crowds. The Lasonic Bluetooth Boombox i-93 BT Portable Ghetto Blaster with AM/FM has retro style and a pair of 15-watt speakers. Sonys Portable Bluetooth Boombox has 2 watts + 2 watts sound. The range is pretty broad, with quite a few selections on eBay for every step of that varied selection.