Binks produces a variety of items including a multitude of spray gun products. These Binks HVLP guns are used in a number of ways, typically to paint objects in your home. Understanding the nature of these Binks paint guns can help you know whether or not a Binks product is right for your needs.

What are Binks guns?

Binks spray guns are a tool that can be used to paint a variety of items. A Binks HVLP gun uses air pressure to provide the power needed to spray paint on a variety of things. However, there are also airless models that use a fluid to provide the power for the Binks gun. A spray gun can be used to paint the surface of an object. Inside of each spray gun, there is typically a small filter that must be removed and occasionally cleaned to avoid dirt buildup.

How can a Binks gun be used?

A spray gun of just about any type, including an airless fluid model or those that use air pressure, can be used in multiple ways. Just a few different industries that rely on air pressure and fluid spray guns include the following:

  • Automotive – Many refinishing shops use Binks spray gun models to produce clean and efficient paint jobs.
  • Marine – An HVLP Binks spray gun can be used to spray sealer and other sealing items directly onto the surface of a boat.
  • Architecture – Builders and designers often use an HVLP paint gun to spray construction elements, such as drywall mud, directly to the surface of their buildings.
  • Furniture – A fluid spray gun by Binks can spray furniture finish on your older items. In this way, you can keep them safe and in working condition.
Can they be used for gardening?

Typically, a spray gun uses too much air pressure to be used for gardening. While you could load a spray gun with water, the air pressure coming out of the hose would likely be too high for your plants to tolerate. While it is possible to adjust the air a little bit with these spray gun models, it's typically better to use them just for paint jobs or similar situations.

What types are available?

When choosing a paint spray gun by this company, there are many models from which you can choose. Make sure to carefully research each to get a feel for which type is right for your needs. Some are better suited to the needs of a vehicle or a home. Just a few that are currently available on the market today include:

  • Seven-Spray Mode
  • 171 Flocking Model
  • 95A Automatic Sprayer
  • Model 80 Pressure Pot Sprayer With Graco 900
  • Model 18 Pneumatic Sprayer Gun
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