Bike Maintenance & Tools

Bicycle Maintenance and Tools

When you are on the go, it is important to be ready and able to check up and fix your bicycle at a moment's notice. Whether you accidentally get a flat tire, need to repair your chain, or have other issues, there are a variety of bike repair kits and tool kits available to help solve your problem. Bike tools and repair kits can be an essential addition to your garage to keep your cycle in optimum condition.

What are some common tools for bike maintenance?
  • Flat tire repair kit - A flat tire repair kit will typically include a do-it-yourself patch kit, a spare inner tube, an air pump, and a tool for removing the wheel from the tire. With a kit, you can remove, patch, refill, and remount any tires that are damaged from punctures on your bike ride. The patch kit may include patches of several different types for your inner tube, allowing it to be pumped back up with air to get you to your garage.
  • Bike multi-tool - While on the go, you will likely not have room for a full-sized tool kit like you may have in your garage. A specific bicycle multi-tool is like a pocket knife for a bike. These can include several different Allen wrench sizes, a flathead screwdriver head, a Phillips screwdriver head, an adjustable wrench, and a tool for easily re-mounting your bike chain if it has issues during your ride. This tool is useful for all types of bike maintenance, including brake and wheel maintenance.
  • Spare lubricant - If you are riding long distances, it may also be beneficial to have some extra lubricant if you have chain issues to ensure that the chain is in the best possible condition once you get back on the road.
What are some bike tools to keep in a shop?
  • Workstand - Park Tool and other manufacturers design stands that make it easy to perform bike maintenance by mounting your bike in a fixed vertical position. These workstands make repairs easier and more accessible whether you are just replacing an inner tube, checking your bike for damage, keeping your bike clean, or doing more complicated work with your bike's brakes.
  • Bike cleaning tools - To keep your bike clean, a good cleaning kit is recommended. These typically include a tool to maintain the chain to ensure that you have a smooth ride on your bike.
  • Tool kit - A good tool kit helps you perform all kinds of work, including brake and other repair work. This kit should include a wrench, Allen wrench set, pump, and other tools to help perform basic repairs on your bicycle. With a decent kit, you’ll be able to check your bicycle for any issues before you take it out.