Bike Frames

Bicycle Frames

There are a wide range of bicycle frames available, including BMX bikes and mountain bikes. When selecting one of these frames, you also have a sizable number of wheel sizes to choose from, including everything from 10 inches to 29 inches.

What are the different types of bicycle frames?

When picking out a frame kit for your bicycle, there are many different types available, each matching with a bicycle of the same type.

  • Racing bike: This type of bicycle is designed for speed above all else in order to be used in competitive road racing. The frames are lightweight and the bicycles themselves are equipped with only a few accessories in order to ensure that speed is always the focus. These are also equipped with drop handlebars to provide a more aerodynamic riding position.
  • Touring bike: These are designed for lengthy journeys and touring, which is why they are made with a durable frame and a substantial amount of padding along the seats and handlebars. They have a wide gear range to account for many riding situations and have the ability to transport baggage.
  • Cyclocross bike: These are outfitted with strong cantilever brakes and wider tires so that they can be used for either on-road racing or touring purposes.
  • Mountain bike: This type of bicycle is meant for off-road cycling and comes equipped with sturdy frames, treaded tires, and cross-wide handlebars that are designed to minimize the effects of sudden jolts when riding.
  • BMX bike: These are meant to be used on dirt BMX tracks for doing tricks, stunts, and racing. Their tires are treaded but their frames are small.
What materials are available with these frames?

Bike frames come in a variety of different materials, the most prevalent of which is carbon fiber, which is a strong material that is also lightweight when constructed. Other materials that may be used to build a frame include alloy, aluminum, steel, and titanium.

What are the different colors available with these bicycle frames?

The many different frames at your disposal come outfitted with a wide range of colors, such as black, red, blue, and white. Some of the additional colors you can select from include gray, green, gold, silver, yellow, and orange. A selection of these frames are also multi-color with color combinations like red and white and blue and black.

Which frame sizes can you find?

When you are choosing one of these bike frames, there are numerous sizes from which to choose, allowing you to select one that meets your needs. These frames can be listed by centimeters, inches, or via a size category, such as small and large. Most of these bike frames classify as either medium or large, but it is possible to find models that are listed as extra small, small, extra large, or double extra large. If searching via inch sizes, they range from 14 to 27 inches in size.