Big Green Egg

Big Green Egg

The Big Green Egg is like a standard cooking grill with an egg shape. This cooker was modeled after ancient clay grilling implements of similar shape used in the Chinese Qin Dynasty during the third century. Since its invention in 1974 by a Vietnam War veteran inspired by a kamado oven he brought from that country, the Big Green Egg has evolved into an outdoor ceramic cooking system.

What are the specifics of the Big Green Egg?

The Big Green Egg can be used as a traditional grill, a smoker, and a traditional oven. Both low-heat and high-heat cooking are possible. The low heat that can be achieved for hours is 330 degrees Fahrenheit. The grill can reach an average high temperature of 850 degrees Fahrenheit at the grates. The oven function provides indirect heat for slowly cooked meals. The grill also has smoke and air control functions. It comes in five sizes, and many attachments are available.

How does the Big Green Egg work?

The Big Green Egg raises its temperature fast, and because of its egg shape, the air circulates freely inside its ceramic chamber. Fresh air, which enters the cooker through a specially designed door at the bottom, circulates the heat from the charcoal-filled fire box. Because the ceramic is airtight, the heat inside is evenly distributed, and moisture is preserved inside the chamber.

What sizes of Big Green Egg grills are available?

The Big Green Egg comes in these sizes:

  • The Mini egg has enough room to grill two chicken breasts and a steak.
  • The MiniMax grill is used for tailgating and can hold an entire chicken or four burgers.
  • The Small Big Green Egg is about the same size as the MiniMax but is designed to be kept stationary.
  • The Medium Big Green Egg charcoal grill has space for four racks of ribs or an 18-pound turkey.
  • The Large Big Green Egg can accommodate 12 burgers or eight steaks.
  • The XLarge Egg can cook two, 12-pound turkeys.
  • The XXLarge Egg is large enough to smoke a whole pig.
What additional products attach to this cooker?

The manufacturer offers a variety of stands to complement the Big Green Egg:

  • The Big Green Egg Nest is a stand made of powder-coated steel that raises the ceramic grill to the right height for comfort while cooking, and has locking casters for mobility.
  • Expansion frames are composed of steel and aluminum, and can be used to build an outdoor workspace for grilling.
  • Custom Cooking Islands are aluminum and steel units in 60-inch and 76-inch lengths, designed to hold Large and XLarge Eggs. Each island has a rounded countertop, storage cabinets, a sliding shelf, and locking casters.
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