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Vintage Bible Books from the Late 1800s for Your Collection

Are you searching for an antique Bible to add to your family's collection? Find a variety of options available on eBay for 1800s Bibles at a value that is affordable. Many of these Bibles are leather bound and excellent for display.

What Bible texts are available from the 1800s?

Each of the antique Bibles for sale available from this era include different sections of the biblical texts. The three main sections available separately are the Old Testament, Apocrypha, and the New Testament. These were made both individually and bound together. Some include both the Old and New Testament while others include all three sections together. Many of these are available in English as well as German which was an early language translation of the Bible.

Among the English versions, a few different translations were common at that time. These include the King James Version and the Holman translation. Translations are most often available from the late 1800s such as the Holy Bible of 1880. You can also find special translations for the Catholic denomination.

Designs of Bibles from the 1800s

Each of these texts and translations are available in a variety of unique binding designs. From this time period, many of the Bibles and other texts are leather bound. Some of the leather covers are solid and simple while others have intricate embossing or hand painted designs. Many of these cover designs are one of a kind.

These antique Bibles for sale are available in large sizes intended to be used as family Bibles as well as smaller sizes that can fit in your pocket. Some large family Bibles are even engraved with the name of the family it was made for. Of these antique Bibles, some have been carefully restored to closely resemble their original condition. See the description for each product for details on condition and design.

Bible books available from the 1800s

In addition to the antique Bible texts, many books were written and published about the Bible in the late 1800s. Vintage versions of these texts are also available on eBay. Some of the most well-known texts about the Bible from this time period include “Christianity in the United States” by Daniel Dorchester and “The Parables of our Lord” by C. H. Spurgeon. Early additions of both of these texts and more are available on eBay. As with the Bibles from this era, these texts are often available with embossed leather covers and metal clasps.