Supply Customers with Vending Machine Snacks, Beverages, and Candy Selections

A vending machine offers you one way to give your clientele extra amenities while you make some profit at the same time. eBay sells thousands of new and used machines that come in a variety of configurations. Knowing what types might be available to you and how to stock or operate them may help you find the model that works for you.

How do combo vending machines work?

A combo vendor is designed to hold more than one type of item. You may wish to purchase a combination vendor from eBay if you want to sell multiple kinds of items in one location. In some cases, you may be able to offer a complete meal from one vendor. Some common product categories you might stock in such a unit include:

  • Chips - You may wish to offer a selection of chips as a snack or side to go with larger meals.
  • Drinks - This category may include soda, water, or juice.
  • Meals - You can offer customers ready-made or microwaveable meals.
  • Desserts - A selection of candy can act as a dessert or a stand-alone food item.
What vending machine parts can you purchase?

You may wish to purchase additional parts for any vendors you buy on eBay. These parts can serve as replacements or extras for new units that you may buy in the future. Some common parts you might find on the site include:

  • Locks and keys - These parts should keep the unit closed and its snacks or beverages safe until you are ready to remove money or restock items.
  • Labels - You can purchase labels for specific snack brands you intend to stock. In some cases, the labels may include buttons.
  • Condensers - A condenser can regulate the internal temperature of your vendor to keep food cool.
  • Wiring - Specific wiring can ensure that the machine dispenses the correct snack or drink when the appropriate button is pressed.
How can you plan for customer traffic?

You may wish to place your equipment in locations that receive regular traffic in order to maximize your potential profits. Depending on the type of establishment you are running, a minimum number of regulars may help ensure that your vendor sees frequent use. Specific numbers can vary depending on the situation, but the list below may act as a guide.

  • 40 employees for an office
  • 20 rooms for a motel
  • 100 apartments per complex