The Beekeeping Honey Extractor: Finding Success for Your Next Harvest

You sit down for breakfast and want to spread honey on your biscuit. If you own bees, then finding a honey extractor for sale seems like a logical next step to gather your honey. Your final decision will only be limited to the capacity of your current bee colony, and maybe your budget. Whether you are looking for a food-grade stainless steel electric model, a new manual honey extractor, or an used honey extractor for sale, the choices are plentiful.

Choosing the right honey extractor

If you've considered where your beekeeping journey currently lies, or where you would like to further your journey, then choosing your next extractor should be simple. One of the first items you will want to consider is whether you want an preowned or new electric or manual honey extractor. Are you extracting high volumes from a large hive, or simply churning honey out for your own pleasure?

From there, depending on whether you are selling your honey or not, you may need a food-grade stainless steel extractor, with a larger frame capacity, and probably an electric model with an automatic on and off switch for your batches. p> What types of honey extractors are available?

When looking for your ideal honey extractor, consider entering an internet search for "honey extractor for sale near me", or "honey extractors for sale." Other helpful searches may include "sale honey extractor," "secondhand honey extractor for sale," or "used honey extractor eBay."

Whichever search term you use, you will still come across two main types of extractors. They will be electric or manual and will offer several different features.

  • Electric honey extractor – simply use electricity to spin the centrifuge where your bee frames are attached. A great choice for larger, commercial-sized operations. They are much faster than manual extractors, and very easy to operate.
  • Manual honey extractor – uses no electricity, and only requires you to hand-crank the centrifuge where the bee frames are attached. An ideal choice for the hobbyist extracting in the field or worried about damaging frames.
Features to look for in your next honey extractor

Here is a list of necessary things that you want to consider while purchasing your next honey extractor.

  • Material – will usually be stainless steel for the electric honey extractors, and a high-quality plastic or composite for the manual extractors.
  • Frame Capacity – depending on the size of your beekeeping operation, you will want to know how many bees frames a single extractor holds, and how long it takes to run an extraction cycle.
  • Price Point – will always determine what make and model from a manufacturer will be utilized in your operation.
  • Additional Features – are to be considered with both models. Do you need to assemble any pieces of the extractor? Are there legs on the extractor to fill buckets or barrels with honey? Does the electric model have a timer and automatic on and off switch? Again, this will come down to your personal preference, budget, and beekeeping operation size.