Batteries for Sony VAIO

Restore Power with a Replacement Sony VAIO Battery

You need power at all times, so you can complete your work projects, play your favorite games, or watch your favorite shows and movies. Sony VAIO batteries are available for varying prices on eBay. Order one or several, and never have interrupted power again.

What tips will help you choose the right laptop battery?

Usually, only an original equipment manufacturer licensed to produce batteries can provide you the one made for your computer. If you need a replacement Sony Battery, choose one based on these guidelines:

  • Compare battery part numbers. This may be the fastest way to determine whether or not the battery is the right one for your Sony laptop.
  • View images of available batteries. This will verify that the description is accurate and that the connectors are the same as is on the battery you have now.
  • Make sure it is compatible for your laptop model. OEM or original pre-owned batteries should be compatible with your laptop's model number.
  • Double-check your power capacity. If you have a laptop that normally runs using an 11.1-volt battery, this specific type is the one you are advised to order to ensure proper performance. Making sure you have enough battery voltage will help prevent burnout or lagging of operation during use.
How long does a Sony VAIO battery stay charged?

This depends on a variety of factors, such as how many programs you have running in the background and how many windows you have open on it at the same time. Screen brightness and using your audio player to listen to music on it while performing other actions can affect how long your Sony Battery stays charged. Generally, the more graphic-intensive applications you have running on it simultaneously, the more power the battery will pull. However, you can typically expect the battery to last up to three hours.

How many times can a Sony VAIO battery be charged?

A new replacement battery can last you about 300 charge and discharge cycles. If you use your laptop for only a couple of hours per day, you may be able to stretch the battery's lifespan to at least two years. With frequent laptop use, you may end up needing to charge the battery more often after the first year. If you are planning to upgrade your machine soon but just need a battery for now, you can benefit from having a replacement, pre-owned battery that could last you at least several months.

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