Bathroom Scales

The ubiquitous addition to everybody's bathroom, a good quality set of bathroom scales can be either friend or foe.

Depending on your needs, you can buy anything from a basic set of scales which simply indicate your weight, or a more complex set of electronic scales which can calculate body fat and body mass index.

Digital Bathroom Scales

Digital bathroom scales are often more compact than other types so are ideal for a smaller bathroom. They also tend to be more accurate than spring scales, which can wear out over time and become unreliable. Check the instructions before you buy, just to make sure they are suitable for your weight as some are more resilient than others.

Some digital bathroom scales, like the hi tech range from Tanita, can give you a lot more information that just your weight. Some models let you programme in your details, enabling you to learn your visceral fat rating, bone mineral mass and metabolic age. If all that information is a little too much, you can return to basic functionality.

Mechanical Bathroom Scales

A good quality set of mechanical bathroom scales can look elegant, and many people prefer the classic look and functionality of this type of scales. Most are slim and light enough that they can sit nicely by your sink, or upon a shelf to be taken out when needed without causing an obstruction.

Available in all types of finish from classy chrome and fashionable glass to the classic doctor's office style. The different styles and availability of colors means that there will be no difficulty in finding the right one to complement your bathroom décor. Sets can vary in how sturdy and resilient they will be. Most models will take weights up to and over 23 stone. Always check the manufacturer's instructions to ensure you get the set of scales that suits your needs.