Bathroom Mirrors

Bathroom Mirrors

When you are trying to get ready in the morning or right before bed, you rely on your bathroom mirror to make sure everything is in place. Even though a mirror's primary job is to be functional, the right mirror can also enhance your bathroom decor.

What types of bathroom mirrors are there?

When it comes to bathroom mirrors, there are many types to choose from, including:

  • Venetian mirrors: These bathroom mirrors have elegant designs etched into the glass. They usually have an ornate frame in white that gives off a romantic flair to the bathroom.
  • Pivot mirrors: This accessory is mounted on hinged pivots that are connected to the bathroom wall. You can move this fixture around as needed to make sure you hit all the right spots.
  • Extension mirrors: This fixture extends from behind the cabinet on an accordion mount. They work well in bathrooms that have smaller spaces or tighter layouts.
  • Lighted mirrors: The extra light can help you illuminate the bathroom or allow you to see your face more clearly.
  • Vanity mirrors: Vanity mirrors are designed to sit on top of the counter or cabinet. These are often additional accessories that are used to help apply makeup.
What are some bathroom themes with respect to mirrors?

There are four main interior design themes of wall mirrors to choose from:

  • Seashore: Seashore and cottage themes are an option for those who wish to make the space feel light and airy. Mirrors with white frames or even seashell frames are common for this theme.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary-style rectangular mirrors are often frameless or have a simple, understated frame design.
  • Traditional: Those who enjoy traditional decor may be looking at vanity mirrors and large, full-bodied wall mirrors.
  • Romantic: Bathroom mirrors that are made in the romantic style are often oval and may have a light-colored or white frame that is ornately carved.
What considerations should you make when choosing bathroom mirrors?

When looking for just the right bathroom mirror, you should consider:

  • Size: When looking at a bathroom collection that includes a wall mirror, consider its size to ensure that it will fit.
  • Shape: Since wall mirrors come in a variety of shapes, you want one that looks good in the space and gives you ample room to get ready at night or in the morning.
  • Function: Before purchasing a wall mirror or other accessories, you should consider whether or not they will work for what you need.
  • Mounting: Wall mirrors and other accessories can be heavy, so ensure that your walls are strong enough to support them.