Bass Fishing Boats

Relax, Unwind, and Catch Some Dinner on a Bass Fishing Boat

There are so many types of fishing boats out there, you may wonder what makes a boat ideal when youre angling to catch bass fish. Some features are helpful when it comes to reeling in a bass, such as an oversized deck to cast off from, and a bigger-than-average livewell. Other features simply give you an advantage when it comes to fishing for bass, such as aluminum construction, a compact design, and high speeds. Whatever features you desire, browse the inventory at eBay, with bass fishing boats in new and used conditions, for the ideal model from brands like Tracker, Triton, and Bass Tracker at price points that fit your budget.

Does Hull Material Matter?

There are a few distinct differences between bass boats. One of these is the construction of the hull, which in laymans terms is the body of the boat itself. Manufacturers build these from different materials, which could influence your day of fishing.

  • Aluminum hulls are popular for a reason. Aluminum is not only durable and heavy-duty, but aluminum hulls are also light, quiet, smooth, and fast, making them an asset when youre sneaking up on fish in the water. Johnson uses aluminum to construct some of their models.
  • Another option is fiberglass. This material has its own perks, including strength, high performance, and a smooth and stable ride at any speed. Many professional anglers use fishing boats with fiberglass hulls. Fiberglass costs more than aluminum, but you can find pre-owned models, such as those Stratos, that are affordable.
  • One more material to keep in mind is a bass boat constructed from composite materials, which is essentially a mix of two materials, such as resin and fiberglass. These are more affordable than one material alone.
Discussing Engines

When it comes to bass boat engines, there are a few different options to think about, and they each offer their own feature set that can maximize your fishing experience.

  • Inboard and outboard engines are two distinct types of boat parts. An inboard model works well for fishing since it has a low gravity center. They work well for small boats, and they are powerful.
  • Outboard engines offer a convenient feature: you can lift the engine right up out of the water when youre not using it, which makes them a popular choice for anglers. They are affordable and simple to maintain, but they may not offer as much power.
  • Another decision to make is choosing a single or twin-engine boat. A twin engine is more costly, but some experts think having a backup engine makes your fishing experience safer. However, a single-engine option can go a bit faster due to reduced drag.
Some Brands and Models to Consider

The right boat for you could be large, small, pre-owned, or brand-new. You may desire a small, two-person boat, such as a Ranger RT 178, or a large, more luxurious model from Yamaha. There are numerous standout brands that offer boats solely for bass fishing, with models available from manufacturers including Evinrude, Honda, and Suzuki, among others.

  • Check into Mercury or Skeeter boats, which offer powerful engines, and Skeeter offers a few bold-colored boats that are fun to take into the water.
  • NITRO offers powerful, high-performance models, such as the Z Series, or select a boat from the ZV Series to catch other species of fish.
  • Check out what Alumacraft has to offer, as their boats are known for features like plenty of storage and big livewells.

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