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Barbie has been an iconic toy since she was first produced in 1959. Children from all walks of life have enjoyed the many manifestations of this long-lived doll, who has been portrayed as an airline stewardess, a veterinarian, an astronaut, a Malibu girl, a doctor, a teacher, a mermaid, and a representative of lots of other fun and interesting professions or lifestyles.

Who makes Barbie?

Mattel, Inc. is the manufacturer of the Barbie doll line. Ruth Handler, the wife of Elliot Handler, one of the co-founders of the Mattel, Inc. toy company, devised the idea of a poseable adult doll for children while observing her daughter's fascination with paper dolls. After seeing a similar type of poseable doll while traveling in Europe, the Bild Lilli doll, Ruth Handler paired with Jack Ryan to engineer the first Barbie doll, which debuted at the International Toy Fair in 1959. 350,000 dolls were produced the first year of production, and the Mattel, Inc. toy company has been the manufacturer of Barbie playsets ever since.

What are some of the different types of Barbie dolls?

Over the years, Barbie has been produced in numerous models, styles, and professions that are reflective of all types of real women and careers. These are some of the many representative dolls, ranging in order of their original dates of production:

  • Western Barbie: Western Barbie has boots, a cowgirl hat, and a button on her back that makes her wink.
  • Barbie I Can Be Zoo Keeper: This doll includes a baby monkey, a baby tiger, and bottles.
  • Barbie Careers Ice Skater: The Ice Skater Barbie came with a pink skating outfit, a trophy, and ice skates.
  • Christie: Christie was Barbie's first African American friend, in 1968.
  • Golden Dreams Barbie: This girl is California dreamy with lots of jewelry accessories.
What are some of the most collectible editions of Barbie?

Barbie has appeared in many special editions to celebrate special occasions, events, or special lifestyles and/or careers. These special productions of the dolls are frequently prized as collectibles, and included among this group of Barbie dolls are the following:

  • Pink Splendor Barbie Doll: Wearing 14 karat gold-plated threads, 14 karat gold leaf shoes, and a Swarovski crystal necklace.
  • Sales Resistance Episode 45 I Love Lucy Barbie Doll: This doll represents Lucille Ball in one of her most well-known TV episodes.
  • Calvin Klein Barbie Doll: Dressed all in denim from head to toe, this doll epitomizes the look of Calvin Klein, the famous clothing designer.
  • Summer Daydreams Barbie Doll: This gal is turn-of-the-century chic, complete with Coca-Cola accessories and a parasol.
  • #4 Blonde Barbie Doll: This is one of the earliest models of the famous doll.
What are some of the accessories available for Barbie dolls?

Barbie has always been depicted as stylish, no matter what occupation or lifestyle she was representing. She has many fashionable accessories like these items:

  • Shoes
  • Purses
  • Hats
  • Earrings
  • Hairbrushes
  • Necklaces
  • Belts
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