Banana Republic

Banana Republic

When Banana Republic first launched in 1978, it was originally known as the Banana Republic Travel and Safari Company. It's gone through several incarnations since then, leading to its focus on both casual and formal clothing. Banana Republic has, however, maintained that safari chic styling throughout its apparel.

What types of tops and blouses does Banana Republic offer?

Banana Republic offers a full range of styles and sleeve lengths. For instance, some of their more frequently visited styles include blouses, which are also further categorized as button-down and button-down with collar. They designate their tops as embroidered, knit, and tank. They further designate items in subcategories such as tunics and v-necks. These are only a few of their 27 potential categories.

Additionally, they provide a wide variety of sleeve choices. You may find options that include cap, short, 3/4, and long sleeve choices.

What types of pants and shorts does Banana Republic offer?

They offer a complete package of styles, lengths, fabrics, and sizes, appropriate for both casual and formal settings. When you're visiting with friends at the summer sidewalk cafe, you may choose to wear a pair of cropped capris. They're a comfortable option in denim, corduroy, or khaki. If you prefer a more business casual look, consider a pair of Banana Republic chinos. You may also opt for a cotton or silk blend for added comfort.

A crisp linen suit offers something for the business day, and Banana Republic provides a full selection of jumpsuits and summer rompers in short or long lengths.

Does Banana Republic offer dresses for women?

When the occasion calls for a dress, Banana Republic has several styles. They provide a range of dress lengths, from mini to maxi. Their sleeve styles, like those of their blouses, also provide buyers with a range of options. Many of Banana Republic's dresses are designed for layering with other Banana Republic pieces. Dresses can be left plain or paired with one of their many jackets, blazers, or sweaters.

What sizes does Banana Republic have available for women?

Most of Banana Republic's designs are available in petite, regular, and tall categories of sizes. Within each size type, they make further designations. A Petite size range would be from extra small to large; regular ranges from and extra, extra small to extra, extra large. The tall category accommodates sizes extra, extra small to extra large.

Does Banana Republic have accessories?

Some of the items you might find in their selection of jewelry include bangle bracelets, such as an orange or navy large stretch bangle, as well as faux pearl teardrop earrings in two tiers in shades of light gray/blue and cream. They also offer a range of watches, wallets, ties, and more.

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