The Beauty and Benefits of a Backlit Keyboard

The primary function of a keyboard is to interface with your computer, but a regular keyboard can be hard to see in the dark. With a backlit keyboard, you have the beauty of color and the benefit of being able to view your keyboard in dim light. Whether you want a backlit keyboard for style or function, you can enjoy the benefits and beauty of them both.

What different colors do backlit keyboards come in?

A keyboard with backlight can shine many colors of light from behind the keys, illuminating the keyboard in a low light situation or in complete darkness. Here is a list of some of the available colors: red, blue, green, white, yellow, and rainbow.

What are some different types and styles?

Backlit keyboards come in many styles and can be used for different functions depending on your needs or wants. Here are some to consider:

  • Wireless: A wireless keyboard with a backlight can look great and make typing worry free because there is no cord to mess with.
  • Large print: If you need to be able to see the size of the letters on your keys more clearly and with light, a larger lettered keyboard can take the stress off of the eyes.
  • Gaming: Many keyboards are designed specifically with gamers in mind. Anyone can game in style with the right backlit keyboard.
  • Wired: Sometimes, a wired keyboard will help with the connectivity to your computer. Plus, youll have no need to worry about charging the battery. You get the light and the wire too.
  • Ultra slim: If you want a keyboard in a sleek style, choose an ultra-thin model. Orbo has a wireless model that pairs with Bluetooth.
Can you get a backlit keyboard for Apple and PC?

Yes. There are backlit keyboards that are compatible with both Apple and PC computers. Make sure the keyboard claims compatibility before you buy. Also, if you have an Apple computer, make sure the backlit model keyboard has the same function keys since Apple does not make their own backlit keyboard. Plus, you may not have the complete functions available that you would with an Apple brand keyboard.

Why do people buy backlit keyboards?

People buy keyboards with backlight for two reasons: style and functionality. In the dim light, the keys can shine different colors, making a colorful display. Plus, the array of light is useful to see the keys in darker situations. This is why many gamers prefer backlit keyboards.