Backflow Test Kits

Everything You Need to Know Before Buying Your Backflow Test Kit

If you want to prevent backflow from occurring in your home plumbing system, then you should install a backflow preventer. However, you should perform backflow testing to make sure the preventer is working and to keep your drinking water from becoming contaminated. Read on to find out everything you need to know before buying your pre-owned, used, or new backflow test kit on eBay.

How does backflow testing equipment work?

The check valve in your plumbing has a backflow assembly, which consists of a spring, a piston, and a rubber disc. A backflow prevention test kit has the same components on the inside as the check valve in your plumbing. It has a similar diaphragm assembly setup that acts similar to the check valve assembly. The kit also has a rubber diaphragm and spring, which function in the same way inside of the backflow assembly check valve.

The diaphragm assembly and spring push against the water and act as a check valve as the water flows through the backflow preventer testing kit. The difference is that a backflow test kit takes the pressure and converts it into a reading on your kit. This reading tells you if your preventer is functioning correctly.

Backflow test kit standards

Manufacturers have to follow certain standards before putting a backflow test kit on the market. These two different standards are the following:

  • ASSE 1064
  • University of Southern California (USC) 10th edition

These standards are similar but have some differences. The ASSE 1064 requires a pressure holding of 200 psi. On the other hand, the USC 10th edition requires a pressure holding of 175 psi. Both standards require that the test kit accuracy be compared to N.I.S.T. standards. The ASSE 1064 and USC 10th edition require an accuracy check on new backflow test kits annually.

However, it does not mean the kit must be taken apart or repaired every year. Following a standard helps keep your backflow test kit in optimal condition.

What kind of device will you be testing?

It helps to closely examine your backflow preventer testing device. Before making a purchase, you will need to know the direction of the water flow. The common types of backflow devices are double-check valves and reduced pressure principle devices. If you can't determine the direction of the water flow on your own, don't worry. There should be markings on the device to tell you the direction of water flow.